Justice League: Season One review

Justice League Season One review

Spoiler Alert ❗❗❗

Pros🤓. I really enjoyed secret origins episodes. Seeing the  original members coming to together and fight the invaders.

🤓. I really enjoyed Metamorphosis episodes. This character has unlimited power he reminds little bit of clayface.

🤓. I enjoy wheh batman out smart the injustice gang. In the injustice for all episodes.

🤓. The Savage Time episodes  is one of my favorite episodes in season. I really thought Lex Luthor was crazy and smart but Vandal Savage is more smart, crazy, and devious.

Cons😡. My dislike from season 1 the writers treat J’onn J’onzz, Metamorpho, and Mongul has underrated characters. I feel like J’onn was a huge character in secret origins but that’s about it

Rating 9/10

Comments what do yall think about Justice League season one?

Whose yall favorite memeber?

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Hunters:Season One review

Hunters: Season One review

Spoiler Alert ❗❗❗

Pros. 🤓 .The story  was well written and Great soundtrack.

🤓. I really like the 70s setting. There was a lot comic book and movie references and pop culture.

🤓. The cast did an amazing job.

🤓. This show is full of conspiracy and it will make you think about our country, nazism, and Hitler.

🤓. Good action scenes

🤓. I was shocked in the last episode and I can’t wait for season 2.

Rating 10/10

Comments: what do yall think about Hunters season one?

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Strikeforce comic issue #4 review

Strikeforce Comic book review Issue#4

Spoiler Alert ❗❗❗

Pros.🤓. This team is very extraordinary  you have half vampire half human, half demon,  A living Energy, pheromone manipulation, magic manipulation, asgardin princess, and a Russian spy turns a hero.

🤓. While I was reading this comic. I was shocked that Dr. Doom had a grim reaper entity for a ward to protect his house.

🤓. The writing is good. The lettering was pretty decent and the art was good.

Rating 9.5/10

What do yall think about Strikeforce issue #4 ?

What y’all favorite marvel team?

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Morbius: The Living Vampire issue#2 Review

Morbius: The Living Vampire Issue#2 comic book review

Spoiler Alert ❗❗❗

Pros. 🤓. The writers did a job on morbius he was  a monster on the outside and a human/scientist on the inside. He tries so hard not to become a full monster.

🤓. The art, color, and lettering  was spot on .

🤓. I never knew Morbius had an outstanding  healing factor.

🤓. Great action segments.

🤓.  It was pretty funny when spiderman came in towards the end.

Rating: 9.5/10

What do yall think about Morbius: The living vampire issue#2?

What yall reading right now?

Do yall think Jared Leto will do a good job playing as Morbius ?

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Jack Ryan Season Two: Review

Jack Ryan: Season Two Review

Spoiler Alert ❗❗❗

Pros. 🤓 Jack Ryan( John Krasinski) had a huge development in this season. Jack Ryan is the type dude wont let things go. 

🤓. Jordi Molla as Nicolas Reyes did extremely well. He was corrupt, dictator, and madman.

🤓. Great locations such as  Venezuela, london, and Washington DC.

🤓. Great action senses.

🤓. James Greer( Wendell Pierce) also did a good job.

🤓. The new cast memebers like Francisco Denis, Cristina Umana, Jovan Adepo, Michael Kelly, and Michael O Neil. They Played their roles perfectly.

🤓.this season was 100 percent accurate of what’s going on in Venezuela today.

🤓. I was shocked when killed John Hoogenakker. I really thought that he was going to go on.

Con.  😡. I thought  that Noomi Rapace and Tom Wlaschiha didnt really add nothing to the story.

😡. I didnt like when the writers pull ryan story in Venezuela then put in london.

Rating 9/10

Comments: What do yall think about Jack Ryan season Two?

What yall watching during crisis?

Side note: were in this together people. Help each other out and keep in touch.

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Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street review

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street review

Spoiler Alert ❗❗❗

Pros.🤓 I’m not a huge fan of musical Movies, but this movie suprises the hell of out me.

🤓. Johnny Depp playing as Sweeny Todd was dark, brilliant, and grim. Johnny Depp had some kick ass lyrics and a good voice.

🤓. Helena Bonham Carter as Nellie Lovett  she was a good singer, dark, brilliant.

🤓. I love the costumes, settings, and the locations.

🤓.great slasher scenes

🤓.  Tim Burton is always creative when comes down gothic, dark, and supernatural movies.

🤓. This movie gives the audience a life lesson for example revenge is not worth it your just hurting yourself. The best revenge is to live your life.

Rating 9.5/10

What do yall think about Sweeney Todd?

Which movie is your favorite from Tim Burton?

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The Others Review

The Others Movie Review

Spoiler Alert ❗❗❗

Pros.🤓. The only scary part of this movie was the old lady scene .

🤓. Fionnula Flanagan performance was great in the movie.

Cons.😡. This movie wasn’t scary at all. It was a bit of a let down. I’m shocked that this movie was nominated for A Saturn award for  best horror picture.

😡. Nicole Kidman’s and the children perfomance was terrible.

😡. The story didn’t make sense to me until the end.

😡. I dont hate this movie. I just think this movie wasn’t scary in my category. The trailer back in 2001 made it scary.

Rating 5.5/10

What do yall think about The Others?

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